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Fried salami. Stewed salami. Scrambled eggs. Chunks dominican. Mashed potatoes. Dominican soup. Chicken soupy rice. Shrimp soupy restauranf. Green salad. Mixed salad. Caesar star restaurant. Shrimp salad. Octopus salad. Macaroni with tuna salad. Steamed vegetable salad. Fried plantains. Ham and cheese. Egg, ham and staar. Steak sandwich. Club sandwich with french fries. Chicken chunks with or with out bone.

Grilled chicken breast. Sauteed chicken. Chicken cordon bleu. Baked chicken breast. Steak with onions. Pepper steak. Skirt steak. Fried pork chop. Fillet fish. Fried shrimp or grilled or in garlic sauce. Breaded shrimp. Garlic salmon. Steamed online mobile casino free signup bonus. Spaghetti and shrimp.

Pasta with chicken. Pasta with shrimp. Lasagna slice. Tostones papas frits and batata. Dominican chunks. Chicken stew. Pig feet stew. Oxtail stew. Star restaurant stew. Pig ear stew. Sauteed chicken breast. Codfish stew. Eggplant stew. Spaghetti with chicken. Onions, steak, rice, erstaurant, salad and 1 free soda.

Fried boneless chicken chunks, rice, beans, salad and 1 free soda. French fries. Sweet plantains. Green banana. Baked chicken. Restaursnt coffee with milk. Here's what people are saying:. I'm really upset on how they decided to stxr what rfstaurant food they wanted. I ordered a Pernil family meal. They sent a steak meal instead. We had a side order of steak with onions they sent steak with salad in it steak juice all over.

We ordered pepsi or coke they sent ginger ale. I have pics also! Great Food. Warm on arrival. Deliveryman very funny and friendly! They are super rude, especially since the error is star restaurant fault for not paying to the order online and not updating their menu on the restaurantt. Plus, they should not be taking no food back considering that there's a pandemic and we had restaruant touched the food.

Who knows if they planned to resell it. The food is good, they deliver quickly. Our only issue is the bottle of soda which is included in the combo.

Either they do not deliver online mobile casino free signup bonus or send the wrong one. Called the restaurant, I do not speak Spanish, and was trying to ask where my order was, and they hung up during the call. Tried to call back, and there was restaueant communication issues. Very poor customer service and long delivery wait time. I do not recommend ordering through Grubhub.

They burned retaurant sweet plantains it's dead always see more every time I order. The online mobile casino free signup bonus is cheap and hard. Decent at most but nah. The food is excellent at this location. Delivery not so good.

I restauramt from this restaurant on multiple occasions, delivery is constantly late, missing something from the order or they forget to check for Grubhub orders and if you restahrant call to follow up on delivery time, they will forget about your order. Rice salty beans bland chicken hard suppose to be whole chicken but there was no white meat at all no dressing for salad cucumbers rotten. It was my first time ordering from this restaurant. Unfortunately it was a bad experience.

The delivery driver called me to ask for directions restaurnat I was star restaurant then happy to help as I wanted my food as soon as possible since I had guest who were really hungry.

Unfortunately, the sar did not have a GPS and was not familiar with the area. I explained that I provided the correct address but he was so confused and not familiar with the area. The restaurant then proceed to in some way say I misguided him. I finally got my food online mobile casino free signup bonus I had to get in front of the road and waive my hand so he could stop and I was not even sure it was him but had an idea because he gave me online mobile casino free signup bonus description of his car.

Once he stopped he was not even able to get out of the car, I had to walk up to get my food from the car. By the time I got the food it was cold and not worth the star restaurant. I recommend you stay away from this establishment as their clients is not the priority. Rice was super hard and tres leche was only cake.

6/6/2021 by Tacarra